Gowans Feed Consulting

Gowans Feed Consulting has a team of nutritionists that provide diets for farmers to optimize the growth of their various animals and must manage ingredient costs provided from the feed mills (feed mills are responsible for the production of animal feeds, including those consumed by livestock and poultry animals and companion animals). They were using excel to track historical data and the time spent on preparing data should not be a nutritionists job. The nutritionists should be focused on providing optimal diets and analyzing the ingredient data to provide farmers with the best diets.

We at DatalusHQ identified the source data such as ingredient prices, diet formulations, and commodity prices to create a data pipeline utilizing Amazon S3 Bucket as a centralized repository. As the data progresses through the pipeline: transformations, parsing, cleansing, and quality checks are conducted. The end result is the ability create data models in Power BI for the end user to access and develop dashboards anywhere and anytime as infrastructure is built on the Amazon cloud.

Microsoft Power BI is now the main data platform to deliver reporting both internally and externally. Reporting and analytics have now been built on a strong foundation of automation and is scalable to meet future needs.

The impact can be seen in the reduction of hours spent in preparing data and the improvement in quality checks for accurate data, and automated reports to internal and external clients. This automation most importantly allowed Gowans Feed Consulting to be able to track historical prices consistently thus gained the ability to forecast future costs especially where farmers are dealing with inflation on ingredient prices.